RT Camelot Ranch Miniature Donkeys
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A miniature donkey is not bred down from Standard Donkeys, but actually comes from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. They were first brought to the US by Robert Green in 1929. However, it is no longer possible to bring these donkeys into the US from the Mediterranean Islands. This makes these sweet, little donkeys very limited in number in the US.
Miniatures have a sweet nature (see exceptions under jacks) and are very social. Most love being around people. They love being brushed and petted. They average 32-35” at the withers (just above the shoulders). For American registry and to be eligible to be shown, they must not exceed 36” in height.

They are long lived. It is not uncommon for a mini with good care to live over 20 years, and there have been reports of minis living over 30 years.

The traditional miniature donkey is a grey-dun color, with a “cross” over the withers and down the shoulders, and with lighter color on their muzzle, around their eyes, and belly. There are now miniature donkeys in a variety of colors – darker and lighter browns, sorrels (red), grays, and black. They can also be spotted – grey and white, black and white, brown and white. There are also miniatures that do not have the lighter muzzle and belly.

The jennets (females) are pregnant from 11-13 months. The foal (baby) averages 25 pounds and are weaned at 5 to 6 months of age. An adult miniature can weigh anywhere from 200 to 350 pounds.

Donkeys are herd animals. They NEED a companion. Best is another donkey, but sometimes a horse or goat can be a good friend. A donkey by itself is a very sad and lonely donkey. Two geldings can be great friends and great fun to watch.
Here is a great looking, lovable little miniature donkey. She was born 4/1/2012. She is still a little shy, but coming around nicely. SOLD!!!

Paco is a cute little mini donkey born 7/16/2013. He has just been weaned and is ready for his new home!